Tuesday, January 16

Ready to go again...

By the title you may wonder if I gave up the ghost before I even got started. Well the answer is no, I didn't I just couldn't get the time to blog this weekend for you guys. On Sunday I ran into a case of Vertigo. It's where your bodies equilibrium is thrown off and it cause extreme nausea and vomiting. (At least that's what it did from me) So that leads me into my post for today.

On this cleanse and diet that I'm doing, they offer you a road map of when to eat and how to eat and what to eat. The only requirements (they say) are the three shakes a day and the supplementation that you take to cleanse the liver and other organs. Well that requirement borders on malnutrition, as I have now found out. The shakes are very filling, so my body wasn't hungry. When I'm not hungry I don't eat, unless I'm emotionally eating, so I went without food in between the shakes. Since I am so overweight, this was a gross error on my part. Your body still needs nutrients and minerals that the shakes and supplementation DO NOT provide. Once I corrected this error, I was back on track. I spent most of yesterday recovering from the nausea and sick feeling but am back in spirits today.

I'm drinking the three shakes and taking the supplementation, eating a small amount of over roasted turkey (no seasoning), and eating a little bit of fruit and vegetables to round out my intake.

If you've found me - Welcome! I'm glad to be here and hope you enjoy reading about my eventual success! And good luck to you if you've decided to do the same thing.

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